Closing your GDAC account

You must contact support to close your GDAC account.

Before closing your account, you must agree to emptying your remaining balance.

*A balance less than $1.00 cannot be withdrawn


[Account closure procedure]

Please prepare the following items and submit them through through our form


<Items required>

1. Passport

2. Memo for account closure

In the memo, please indicate,

- Reason for closure

- GDAC account e-mail

- Today's date

3. Photo of your face along with passport and memo




If you have prepared the above items, submit them using this form

The process can take upto 3~5 business days


Disconnect your Kakao account from your GDAC account

After our representative contacts you once the closure has been processed, please disconnect your Kakao account from your GDAC account. You can do so by:

Kakaotalk -> Settings -> Privacy/security -> Kakao Account -> Manage connected services -> select GDAC -> delete all data