I did not receive my login verification code.

    Please check the following:


    1. Users who have a Kakao account

    1) If KakaoTalk is installed:

    A. Check if KakaoTalk is working properly

    2) If KakaoTalk is not installed:

    A. Check when KakaoTalk was deleted

    B. Check if the verification code message is reported as spam


    2. Users who use an email account

    1) Check if the verification code is in your spam folder

    - GDAC's login verification code will be sent to your KakaoTalk. If the KakaoTalk app is not downloaded on your mobile phone, the verification code will be sent via SMS.
    Please use the below form to make an inquiry.

    3. If Kakao is working but you are not receiving the login verification code,

    1) Please make an inquiry to the Support team via the link below.
    Login Verification Inquiry Letter format

    2) Email accounts are verified with Google 2-Step Verification code.
    If you do not receive the verification code, please refer to the "Google Authenticator Verification Error" document.

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