Deposit to Wrong Address

    GDAC tries to prevent users from depositing to a wrong address.

    If you report according to the following procedures, we will provide assistance in minimizing the loss after review.


    1) If you deposited to a wrong GDAC wallet address:

    Please fill out the form below for deposting to a wrong address. Please attach a screenshot of the withdrawal history showing TXID and withdrawal amount.

    Go directly to [Report Deposit Error]

    1. The team in charge of deposit error will review the submitted form and then check if the asset can be restored.
    2. If the asset can be restored, a fee of 500,000 won worth of ETH will be charged. The recovery procedure will be initiated after the fee is received.
    3. The asset will be deposited to your wallet after the recovery process.


    2) If you deposited to a wrong non-GDAC wallet address,

    it is difficult for GDAC to provide assistance.


    If an asset of an unknown origin is deposited to your wallet, please report without delay. With the precedents that cryptocurrency can be recognized as an individual's asset and the voluntary use of money acquired from another person's deposit error, you may be charged with embezzlement for selling and withdrawing the deposited amount.

    I received coins from an unknown origin.

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