How to withdraw coins

How to withdraw coin is shown below.

Step 1. Copy the address (memo ID if required) of the wallet that will receive the coin

Step 2. Select the coin you want to transfer from the [Deposit / Withdrawal] menu at the top of the GDAC menu and click the [Withdrawal] tab.

* If you do not have a registered wallet, register your wallet first

Step 3. Addresses and withdrawal instructions


Step 4. Click [Request withdrawal] to complete

1. If you mistake your wallet address, memo ID, etc., you may lose your sent assets. When you fill in the wallet address, please make sure the address is correct

2. You cannot transfer tokens to a smart contract wallet, such as for ICO wallet, and you may lose all of your assets. If you would like to participate in an ICO, please use a individual wallet, not an exchange wallet.