GDAC Corporate Member: KYC Verification Guide 

Please send an email to GDAC Customer Support ( in the email format below for corporate KYC verification. 


Email Format

Subject : [GDAC Corporate KYC Verification - corporate name]
Content :

  1. Corporate name 
  2. Representative name 
  3. Member account (email)
  4. Mobile phone number and mobile carrier (for register)
  5. Company’s website
  6. Reason for opening Corporate account : 
    (ex. Corporate Crpyto Currency Trading (Standard) , Investment fund manager , Technical support such as API, Corporate program proposal with participation ETC / Other)



  • Only members who registered with email can convert to corporate member. For members who registered with Kakao account, please withdraw the account and create a new account with email, and then proceed with corporate member verification. 
  • Conversion to corporate member is possible when OTP is enabled. Please keep the OTP enabled after requesting for corporate KYC.