How to Reset Google Authenticator


If you lose your recovery code or mobile phone with Google Authenticator, or is unable to use the Authenticator, you may face difficulty using GDAC services.


In this case, it is difficult for you to reset Google Authenticator. Please submit your inquiry to GDAC Smart Help Desk for help.

Please select the "General Inquiry" form and then fill in the blanks in order.


If you reset Google Authenticator by submitting an inquiry, you need to undergo the identity verification process. Please attach the documents required for the process.

Upon completion of the Authenticator reset process, a notification email will be sent to the verified email.

Withdrawals are restricted for 72 hours (3 business days, excluding holidays and weekends) to protect your assets.


1.How to Register

  • Email Registration:

2. Email Format

1. Email Subject Line: Google Authenticator Reset Request
2. Email Content
1) Email
2) Request Date
3. Identity Verification Documents

3. Submit Inquiry

Please refer to the following and send the documents.


3-1. Identity Verification Documents
1) ID and a photo of yourself holding your ID and memo
- ID: identity verification documents can be submitted in one of the following categories by nationality.

1. Korean Nationals: Resident Registration Card or Driver's License
2. Foreigners: Alien Registration Card and Certificate of Domestic Residence Report
Please cover the last 7 digits of your resident registration number to protect your privacy.
The photo is to confirm that the person in the ID matches with the user's face.
Please take a photo that clearly shows your face.
Driver's license (cover driver's license number)/passport (cover passport number)

- Memo: The memo must include the verified email address and time photo was taken.
1) Requests
2) Email Address
3) Request Date
4) Handwritten is reviewing the
I did not receive and certify for loan guarantees or yield guarantees and I understand that this is a crime.


Example: ID

Example: A photo of yourself holding your ID and memo