How do I disable Google Authenticator verification?

    GDAC recommends users to use Google Authenticator to keep assets safe and secure,
    but users can disable Google Authenticator verification.

    You can disable Google Authenticator verification if you lost your mobile phone or Google Authenticator backup code. Please refer to the details in the link below.

    Reset Google Authenticator: Please refer to this link.

    1. Click "My Settings" on the top right corner of the GDAC website.

    2. Click "Strengthen Security" to be redirected to the Authenticator verification window.

    3. Click "Disable."

    4. Click "Send Code" and enter the verification code sent to your account's email.

    5. Open Google Authenticator and enter the GDAC Authenticator code.

    6. Open Google Authenticator to delete added Authenticator.
    A. Click on the pencil icon on the top right corner of GDAC app.
    B. Select the address to delete and click "Delete."
    C. Read the notice before deleting the address and then click "Delete Account."

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