I changed my name

If you have changed your name and did not change your personal information on GDAC, you might have limitations using our service; if you did change your name, please change your personal information on GDAC.


[Process of changing your personal information]

To change your personal information in case you changed your name, prepare the following documents.


[1] Copy of your passport


[2] Memo with the following information

  • Purpose for the request
  • Your GDAC ID
  • Today's date 

 Please write the above information on the memo



[3] Deed poll to prove you changed your name


If you are ready, please take a selfie with your passport as well as the memo. Your face, passport and memo must be identifiable.



If all documents are ready, please follow the process:

1. Fill out the form to change your name on GDAC


Go through the following link and select [Change name] and fill out the form.


2. Attach a selfie with your passport and the memo, as well as the deed poll. 


The request will be reviewed, and it might take up to 5 days to process the claim.


*Your verification level will be set to level 1 after the name change.