Mobile verification is denied.

GDAC service is available for those have completed the mobile verification process. 

If you have troubles in the verification process, please check the 4 issues listed below.

1. The mobile phone may not be yours. 

GDAC service is only available in your own mobile. 

2. You might mistype your mobile carrier/ name/date of birth /phone number

If the mobile info is different with the 4 items above, your verification would be denied. 


3. Your mobile has stopped for an unpaid bill.

The verification might be denied if your mobile has stopped for unpaid bills and so on.


4. Your mobile might not be registered with the mobile carrier.

Android phones often have this problem. Please try to follow this process on the mobile.

settings -> General management or About phone -> My phone number -> and check your number. 

If you cannot find phone numbers, please call the mobile carrier to ask info updates. Then, your mobile might be verified.