Why is my mobile verification denied?

    GDAC's trade service is available for those have completed the mobile verification process (level 2).

    If you have troubles with the verification process, please check the 4 issues listed below.


    1. The mobile phone is not registered under your name

    GDAC service is only available on the mobile phone that is registered under your own name.


    2. Entered your mobile carrier/name/date of birth/phone number wrong

    If the information you entered is different from the information entered in the mobile carrier, your identity will not be verified.


    3. Mobile has been temporarily suspended due to reasons such as outstanding bill

    Your identity may not be verified if incoming/outgoing calls have been disabled due to reasons such as outstanding bill.


    4. Mobile information not registered on your mobile carrier

    It is a problem that regularly happens on Android phones.
    The solution to the problem is the following:

    Go to "Settings" > "General" or "About Phone" to view your mobile phone number. If you cannot view the phone number, contact your mobile carrier to update your information. You can undergo the mobile verification process after your information has been updated.


    5. SMS verification code text messageis sent

    If you entered the verification information correctly and have seen the "Sent" notification but have not received the SMS verification code, check if the text has been blocked or considered a spam.

    *GDAC only allows creating one account per mobile device. You cannot verify more than one account with one mobile device.

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