Why can't I create a wallet?

    In order to prevent financial losses, we are applying different withdrawal limits by verification level.

    You have to be at verification Level 2 to create a wallet. If you are at verification Level 2 but cannot create a wallet, try rebooting the PC or mobile device.


    If you rebooted the PC or mobile device but still cannot create a wallet, it means there is a rapid increase in the number of users who the wallet creation speed is faster than wallet distribution speed.


    In order to prevent such situation, GDAC always creates a spare wallet. However, if we run out of these spare wallets due to a surge in users, we will issue your wallet as soon as possible.


    You can create a wallet if you try again after the user access is smooth.


    If you have solved all of the aforementioned cases but your wallet is still not created, please contact us via the link below. We will reply within 2-3 days after review from the Smart Support Center. Please note that it may take longer if there are many inquiries.


    I can't create a wallet

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