I can't withdraw / deposit cryptocurrencies

The deposit and withdrawal of coins between exchanges is conducted in three stages as shown below.


Step 1: Approve a withdrawal
To transfer a coin from A to B, you must first accept A's withdrawal.
However, if there is suspicion of financial fraud such as voice phishing, the A exchange may refuse the withdrawal approval.
In this case, you must submit a document proving that the withdrawal application is not a voice phishing by submitting the inquiry registration -> withdrawal certificate.

Step 2: Blockchain network confirmation 
Once the withdrawal approval is done on exchange A, the coin will be sent to the blockchain network for confirmation.
At this time, if the mining fee is low and the miner refuses to approve, approval may be delayed or canceled.
In this case, you should contact the exchange office where you have withdrawn the money to find a solution.
If the withdrawal exchange is GDAC, please contact us for missing or delayed password deposit / withdrawal, and you can request the settlement of the situation.

Step 3: Approve Bank B deposits

There is also a deposit approval process on the exchange you want to deposit.
However, when the number of confirms are met, the approval is automatically made.
The number of confirms required for approval varies by coin and exchange.
You can view the required number of confirms for GDAC on the deposit screen of each coin.
If the approval is delayed despite the fact that the number of contracts has been met, please contact the exchange.