Why can't I deposit/withdraw cryptos?

    The deposit and withdrawal of cryptos between two exchanges (A and B) will go through the following three steps:


    Step 1: Approval of Withdrawal from Exchange A
    To transfer cryptos from A to B, you must first receive approval of withdrawal request from A.
    However, A may refuse to give approval to the withdrawal request if financial fraud such as voice phishing is suspected.
    In this case, you must submit a document that proves that the withdrawal request is not voice phishing. Submit your identity verification document via "Submit Inquiry."

    Submit Identity Verification Document for Withdrawal


    Step 2: Blockchain Confirmation
    Once Exchange A has given approval for withdrawal, the crypto assets will be transferred to the blockchain network for confirmation. Approval can be delayed or cancelled if the fee you are willing to pay is too low for miners. In this case, you should contact A to find a solution to the problem.
    If the exchange is GDAC, please contact via "Submit Inquiry" > "Deposit/Withdrawal."

    If the withdrawal exchange is GDAC, please contact us for missing or delayed password deposit / withdrawal, and you can request the settlement of the situation.
    What is Confirmation?


    Step 3: Approval of Deposit to Exchange B
    There is also a deposit approval process for the exchange you want to deposit.
    However, the exchange will usually give approavel when the number of blockchain confirmations is met.
    The number of confirmations needed for approval varies by coin and exchange.
    You can view the required number of confirmations for GDAC on the deposit screen of each coin.
    Please contact B if the approval of deposit is delayed when the number of confirmations has already been been met.

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