Can foreigners sign up for GDAC?


    There are two ways for foreigners to sign up for GDAC.


    Case 1 - Foreigners living outside of Korea
    You will need a Kakao Talk account to sign up for GDAC. 
    In addition, you are required to turn in identification documents.

    1. Photo of your passport
    2. Photo of you holding your passport

    After the examination is done, we will contact you for further details

    [Sign-up for overseas foreigers]


    Case 2 - If you live in Korea

    If you have your own mobile and you are allowed to have bank accounts in Korea, you can join GDAC.

    But, if your name on mobile and bank account isn't matched, you might be denied to GDAC membership

    If you have troubles with membership, please visit your mobile dealership or bank and ask for how to match names.

    [Sign-up for domestic foreigers]


    *If you have some troubles with the sign-up process

    Foreigners are often denied to GDAC membership. There might be two cases of these troubles. 

    1. If your name on mobile and bank account isn't matched, you might be in the situation like below.

    1) Your bank shortened your name because it's too long. 

    2) There is an error in name spacing 


    2. When you first came to Korea, were issued Foreign Registration Numbers and opened a bank account, The bank keeps your numbers. Then, if you go abroad, come back to Korea later, were re-issued Foreign Registration Numbers and didn't notify your bank of the numbers, your old Foreign Registration Numbers might be kept in the bank. 

    Under the situate above, you will have some troubles in sign-up. 
    So, please check this issue first and match names. 


    Then, please send identification documents through the link below.

    We will contact you for further notice. 


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