How to Set Up Google Authenticator

    Google Authenticator (2FA) is an authenticator that uses a randomly generated one-time password, not a fixed password, for identity verification.

    With Google Authenticator, you can protect your account even when your GDAC account password has been stolen or leaked as you have to go through two steps of verification to access your account.

    Google Authenticator is an easy way to keep your account and assets safe. We recommend you to use it.

    The "Recovery Code" on the Google Authenticator page is an important way to protect or recover your Google Authenticator. Thus, backup your 16 character code and keep it in a secure place.

    You must keep the recovery code safe by printing it or writing it down. If you keep the code on your PC, mobile device and inbox, it may be used for hacking.

    The generated code will be used to recover in situations like when mobile device has been changed or lost and app has been deleted.

    *Recovery code can be only viewed once when you set up the Google Authenticator.





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