Security Campaign (Google OTP)

Hello, this is GDAC.

Recently there have been attempts of hacking into email accounts and then setting up the Google Authenticator to withdraw assets.

Please set up the Google Authenticator verification to keep your assets safe and secure.

Google Authenticator

Send Google Authenticator code to your verified email address.
Enter Google Authenticator code
Save the Google Authenticator recovery code


GDAC Hacking Prevention Campaign

Set up the Google Authenticator and save the recovery code.
Use a combination of numbers, English letters (upper and lowercase), and special characters for your password.
Do not open suspicious emails.
Do not share your GDAC account information with others.
We recommend you not to use an email address that you use on other exchanges or communities to sign up on GDAC.
Use different passwords for GDAC account and email account.


GDAC sends an email and Kakao notification whenever 2FA verification status changes. If you did not request for a change in security status, please contact GDAC Smart Help Desk ( as soon as possible.

Thank you.