Cosmos ATOM major feature updates


    Greetings from GDAC team.

    Cosmos ATOM is scheduled to enable transfer on April 23rd at 2 a.m. (KST)

    GDAC will be closely monitoring the application of transfer and stabilization of the mainnet, and we will open ATOM deposit and withdrawal service once the network is stable.

    In addition to deposit and withdrawal support, GDAC will provide Staking Service for Cosmos ATOM in Q2.

    Cosmos ATOM is one of the few projects that take time to unbond. Until now, most of the projects with staking service provided by exchanges can unbond immediately, not because of the policy of the exchange, but because of the projects’ nature itself. If an existing staking service structure is applied to the Cosmos project, there is a possibility that the stability of customer assets will be adversely affected.

    GDAC will optimize its Staking Service to solve these problems and improve customer convenience. The optimization of the service is performed through real-time analysis of the trading volume of the ATOM in the exchange and continuously estimating and adjusting the amount of unbonding and staking. Based on this, the unbonding period, which normally takes three weeks (21 days), is expected to be reduced to a greater extent.

    Customers who stake through GDAC’s Staking Service will be delegating to HashTower.

    HashTower, Peer’s validator brand, has been operating as a validator since the launch of Cosmos mainnet. HashTower is one of the 17 validators that have never missed pre-commit since the launch. HashTower team, made up of security and infrastructure experts with years of experience from AhnLab, Kakao, Samsung Electronics and Shinhan Card are operating 24/7 to secure and stabilize its service.

    As always, GDAC will prioritize keeping customer assets safe.

    Thank you.

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