No Delegation, Just Hold and Earn ATOM Event


    Greetings from GDAC team.

    ATOM withdrawal service is available for all GDAC users starting today at 4pm (KST).
    And as promised, we are launching an exclusive event for ATOM holders at GDAC.

    No Delegation, Just Hold and Earn ATOM Event

    Just by holding ATOM in GDAC wallet, all users are able to earn ATOM bonding(staking) rewards without delegating. No delegation, no unbonding time needed. You can even freely withdraw or trade your ATOM while participating.


    1. Event Period
    • 2019.04.29. 16:00 ~ 2019.05.29. 16:00 (KST)


    1. Event Participants
    • All ATOM holders at GDAC


    1. Event Details
    • If you have 1 or more ATOM and have traded ATOM at least once during the event period,
      you automatically participate and earn rewards.
    • Rewards will be distributed every week on Monday and Thursday.
      • Monday 0:00 ~ Wednesday 24:00 - Distributed Thursday 16:00
      • Thursday 0:00 ~ Sunday 24:00 - Distributed Monday 16:00


    *Event Terms

    • The reward rate for Atom holders on GDAC is equal to that of Cosmos Network’s rate.
      (100% of the reward rate will be given to all users during the event)
    • The reward is based on the balance of Atom you have in GDAC, and for the fair event, the average balance will be based on multiple snapshots on random times.
    • You can freely withdraw or trade ATOM while participating
    • If the distribution date is a holiday, rewards will be distributed on the next working day.
    • Level 2 Phone number verification must be completed in order to receive rewards
    • Anyone can be excluded from the event if unusual transactions or abusing is suspected.
    • GDAC reserves all the rights regarding this event,
      and the event period can be reduced or extended due to circumstances.

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