[Event] IRISnet(IRIS) Listing Event


    GDAC welcomes IRISnet(IRIS) on KRW and BTC markets.

    To celebrate new listing, we have prepared the following two events for our users.


    >>IRIS Listing Announcement


    1. Deposit + Hodl Event

    10,000,000 KRW worth of ATOM airdrop for IRISnet(IRIS) deposits to GDAC

    [Event Period]

    2019.05.20. 16:00 ~ 2019.05.28. 16:00


    ['Deposit + Hodl' Event Details]

    • (Your average balance of IRIS during event) / (Total average balance of IRIS during event) * 1700 ATOM
      • Maximum airdrop amount is 100 ATOM per person
      • e.g.) After depositing 100,000 IRIS at 16:00 on May 21st, you hodl until the end of the event. Your average balance of IRIS for the event would be 100,000 IRIS, and you will receive ATOM airdrop based on the ratio of your average balance to the overall IRIS average balance in GDAC.


    2. Solo-League Trading Event

    10,000,000 KRW worth of ATOM airdrop for buying IRISnet(IRIS) on GDAC


    [Event Period]

    2019.05.21. 16:00 ~ 2019.05.28. 16:00

    ['Solo-League Trading' Event Details]

    • (Your net purchase of IRIS during event) / (Total net purchase of IRIS during event) * 1700 ATOM
      • This event is only on IRIS/KRW pair.
      • Solo League rules are applied for determining maximum airdrop per person .(링크)
      • e.g.) You bought 100,000,000 IRIS and sold 50,000,000 IRIS, and there were total net purchase of 1,000,000,000 IRIS during the event. You will receive total airdrop of 85 ATOM (50,000,000/1,000,000,000 * 1700 ATOM = 85 ATOM)

    Event Terms

    • If you withdraw IRIS anytime during the event, you will be excluded from participating in Deposit + Hodl event.
    • For Deposit + Hodl event, airdrop will be made within 7 business days after the event ends. Individual emails will be sent out after the airdrop.
    • Level 2 verification is required to participate in these events.
    • The time zone for the event is KST.
    • Anyone can be excluded from the event if unusual transactions or abusing is suspected.
    • GDAC reserves all the rights regarding this event, and the event can be changed or cancelled due to circumstances.

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