PTON Sign-up Event


    Greetings and welcome from GDAC team.


    To celebrate new listing PTON, we have prepared the following event for new users.

    Please join us now and earn 10,000KRW worth of PTON.


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    [About Event]

    10,000 KRW worth of PTON airdrop to new GDAC users that joined GDAC after 16th July 00:00, and have traded PTON at least once during the event period.


    [Event Period]

    2019.07.16. 00:00 ~ 


    [Event Participants]

    Every new GDAC user.


    [Event Terms]

    • If you have signed up GDAC and have traded PTON at least once during the event period, you automatically participate and earn rewards. 
    • You canโ€™t win a double reward during the event.
    • Airdrop will be made within 7 business days after the event ends.
    • Level 2 verification(Only for the phone number registered in Korea) is required to participate in this event.
    • The time zone for the event is KST.
    • Anyone can be excluded from the event if unusual transactions or abusing is suspected. 
    • GDAC reserves all the rights regarding this event, and the event can be changed or cancelled due to circumstances.

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