D-1. 5 Strengths of GROW Staking Service



    Tomorrow (06-30-2019) is GROW Service Opening day!

    Please check the card news about 5 strengths and benefits of using GROW service.

    1. Trading
      Bonded assets can be traded in ATOMX/KRW pair.

    2. Early Unbonding
      The assets that are delegated to the network can be undelegated faster than 21 days.

    3. Asset Protection
      GROW shield provides special asset protection system.

    4. Service Fee
      All costs incurred in network transactions are paid by GROW, and you can delegate without paying network-related costs.

    5. Staking Rewards
      Rewards will be sent directly in your wallet in proportion to bonded assets around 4 pm every day.
      You will get a reminder through kakao/e-mail/etc.


    Please look forward to meet GROW service at GDAC.

    Thank you.

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