Third GROW Service Opening Event


    At 2019-08-06 15:00, the event notice (Re: Event Snapshot Details) has been updated

    Greetings from GDAC team.

    We are happy to announce that GROW Staking Service is now open.

    The second event is extended by one week and combined with the third event. 

    Please note that rewards are only distributed to users who have given consent to the “Provision of Information to Third Parties.” Those who have participated prior to this notice will be informed separately via SMS and Email. 


    👉Go to GROW Service


    < Deposit ATOM and Maintain Delegation Snapshot for 14 Consecutive Days! >

    Staking rewards will be sent to your wallets everyday at 4 p.m. 


    ‘15,000,000 KRW worth of BTC airdrop’ and ‘Burger King Whopper Set’ will be distributed as snapshot reward to users who have maintained snapshot for 14 days in a row. The reward will be distributed to 1,000 people on a first come, first serve basis. 


    Q. What is Delegate?

    A. ‘Delegate’ is a feature of GROW service. By act of ‘delegating’ your tokens stored in GDAC, users are rewarded with profit everyday. 

    All GDAC users who hold ATOM can delegate. 

    Q. What is the difference between ATOM and ATOMX?

    A. ATOMX is “delegated ATOM.” Users receive profits in proportion to available assets. 


    [Event Period] 

    Participation: 2019-07-23, 4 p.m. to 2019-08-12, 4 p.m. (KST) (& maintain snapshot for minimum 14 consecutive days)

    • ‘Final Snapshot Date’: 2019-08-26, 4pm
    • ‘Event Snapshot Period’: 4pm Everyday during - Event Start Date (2019-07-23) ~ Final Snapshot Date (2019-08-26)


    [Event Snapshot Period Reward Details]



    • Event reward is only for users that maintained minimum 14 consecutive days of snapshots & calculation is based on the average snapshot of ATOM delegation or ATOMX staking from Event Snapshot Period (Event Start Date (2019-07-23) to Final Snapshot Date (2019-08-26)).


    → (individual’s average delegated amount of ATOM or average staked ATOMX amount) / (total average delegated amount of ATOM or total average ATOMX amount staked) * 15,000,000 KRW worth of BTC   

      • Maximum airdrop amount is 300,000 KRW worth of BTC per person 
      • Ex) Users that either buy 10 ATOMX and hold for minimum of 14 consecutive days or deposit 10 ATOM and delegate the tokens to GROW, maintaining snapshot for 14 consecutive days- will receive airdrop

    [Airdrop Date]

    BTC & Burger King Whopper Set will be airdropped within 7 business days after 2019-08-27.

    👉 Go to ‘Consent to Announcements / Events Notifications’



    BTC & Burger King Whopper Set will be airdropped within 7 business days after the event ends on the *27th of August.

    *The reach of the 14th date (minimum staking period) from the last day of the event period.


    Event Terms

    • ‘Burger King Whopper Set’ will be distributed as mobile coupon (gifticon) to the users who have given consent to the “Provision of Private Information to Third Parties” and verified with Korean mobile phone number at GDAC registration.
    • If there is a delegation snapshot record for 14 days, buying/selling ATOMX during 14 staking days or delegating more ATOM doesn’t affect the results.
    • For the users that participated to the event by depositing ATOM; if there were any withdrawls of KRW or any cryptocurrencies (tokens), will be excluded from event participation.
    • Only verified users of Level 2 and above, can participate to the event.
    • Anyone can be excluded from the event if unusual transactions or abusing is suspected.
    • GDAC reserves all the rights regarding this event, and the event can be changed or cancelled due to circumstances.

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