Delisting Standard

All the cryptocurrencies listed on GDAC will always be monitored and if a cryptocurrency is applicable to any of our commission’s standards, it may be delisted.


Delisting Standard

1. Legal/Technical Issues:
- If the use of blockchain, cryptocurrency or blockchain-based technology violates the law in force or goes against the government or related institution law
- If an internal security or technical issue exerts tangible or intangible harm on applicable cryptocurrency users but the issue has not been resolved for a prolonged time course
- If technical fault of blockchain or cryptocurrency is identified
- If involved in crime, market manipulation, and market abuse


2. Lack of Marketability
If the drop of trading volume is judged that there is a lack of marketability (abide by GDAC’s internal standards)


3. Continuity of Project Team
If the cryptocurrency project team can no longer develop the cryptocurrency


4. Other
If there is persistent illegal trading or abnormal trading that goes against GDAC’s terms
If there is a need to protect other GDAC’s users or applicable cryptocurrency users


Delisting Procedures

1. Notification Period
- 2 weeks prior to delisting
- Deposit service will be suspended at the same time notification is posted
- Notice will be sent to all users via email

2. Account Balance Display Period: after 3 months of delisting

3. Withdrawal Support Period: after 3 months of delisting

Withdrawal service will be available for 4 weeks. Contact the exchange for extension.



All services of the applicable cryptocurrency will become unavailable after the withdrawal period, even if there are unwithdrawn funds.
Notification period (2 weeks prior to delisting) and withdrawal period (3 months) may be shortened or cryptocurrency can be immediately delisted and the withdrawal service suspended to unavoidably protect users and exchange.