GDAC’s Security Campaign


Greetings, this is GDAC. 


For the last two years, since the launch of GDAC in May 2018, GDAC has secured users’ assets without having even one incident of hacking and personal information leakage. 

GDAC’s security team, led by the Ministry of National Defense’s former Security Officer, secures users’ assets by monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In order to continue keeping users’ personal information and assets safe and secure and further strengthen security, GDAC is launching the “GDAC’s Security Campaign”! 


Users who participate in the campaign can keep their personal information more safe and secure. 


[GDAC’s Security Campaign]


① Install Google OTP and download backup code 


② Create a strong password 

  1. Do not reuse password used for Google, Yahoo or Microsoft accounts 
  2. Do not enable “automatic log-in” on Chrome 
  3. Use a combination of numbers, English letters (upper and lowercase), and special characters for your password and update password regularly (at least every 3 months) 


③ Do not share your GDAC account information with others 


④ Do not open suspicious emails 


⑤ Check URL before opening GDAC website 

  1. Check whether the URL begins with HTTPS  
  2. Open website in Chrome’s Incognito mode

GDAC NEVER asks for users’ personal information. 

GDAC sends an email and Kakao notification to users every time they log-in and change their OTP (2FA) verification settings. Further, we send log-in history (date, IP address, operating system and browser) and related notices every time users log-in to their accounts.  

If there is a suspicious log-in attempt or change in verification settings that you have not requested, please contact the Smart Help Desk ( for immediate assistance. 

 Thank you.