0% Trading Fee Event for New Corporate Members

Hello, this is GDAC Exchange. 

GDAC will be holding a 0% trading fee event for new corporate members until the end of this year.
We are offering the benefit to all trading fees incurred after registration.


  • Event


  1. Event details: 0% trading fees for new corporate members
  2. Event participants: new corporate members (registered after 2019.11.18)
  3. Requirement:  request one or more buy/sell orders using our API
  4. Offer Period: following business day 16:00 (KST) after API order request ~ 2019.12.31 23:59:59 (KST)
  5. How to apply
  • - Fill out and submit the application form  (refer to Google application link)
    *Event Registration Form : https://bit.ly/2OqK60P
    *Required Documents : https://bit.ly/2R0sko6
    - GDAC will individually contact applicants within 2 business days after the application is received and confirmed.
    - Create corporate account and issue API.
    - Request API order.

  • Event Terms

    - The benefit will be applied from the following business day after the first API order request, regardless of whether the order is actually filled or not.
    - 0% trading fees for all pairs in KRW, BTC, and GT markets.
    - The original trading fee will be applied from January 1st, 2020.
    - GDAC reserves all the rights regarding this event and the event can be changed or canceled due to circumstances.