Open API Service Official Launch

    Greetings, this is GDAC. 


    The Open API Service, which was previously provided in a private beta version, has been officially launched. 


    Open API is a technology that supports trading systems and creates an active trading environment. Open API can be used for the following functions: 


    • Check exchange: Current price, Open/High/Low/Close, Volume, Bid/ask, Recent fills, Trading fee
    • Check account: Check account balance
    • Place order: Limit order, Cancel order, Fills/orders history
    • Order history: Trade history 


    Go directly to API Management

    Go directly to GDAC API Document


    To use the Open API, you need to create an API Key. Follow the instructions below to create an API Key. 


    1. Login to GDAC.

    2. Click “My Settings” - “API Management” at the top of the page.

    3. If you have a verification level of 4 or above and have completed OTP activation, please check the box about agreeing to the Open API Terms of Service on the checklist. 

    4. Select “Create new Key” and then click “Create API Key.”
    · You can restrict the access of IP addresses by adding authorized addresses.  

    5. Go through the verification process. Once the verification is complete, you can view the API Key and Secret Key through the pop-up window. 
    Secret Key will be shown only once after it is created. Please store the Key in a safe place. 

    6. You can view your Key at “Manage created API Key” at the bottom of the page. 
    You can add or remove authorized IP addresses at “Manage authorized IP address.” 
    You can delete a generated API Key by clicking “Delete.” 


    *If Secret Key is lost, you must delete the original API Key to create a new one

    *(Users who registered with Kakao account) If you have disconnected from Kakao, contact Customer Support to delete your API Key. 

    *Users are liable or responsible for financial losses that occurred from API Key management issues.  

    *API Key will be deleted after withdrawing from GDAC. 


    Contact via 1:1 Chat or Customer Support for any inquiries about Open API. 


    Thank you for your support. 



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