Cosmo Coin’s (COSM) Transition to Klaytn (KCT) Mainnet

    [Update] 2020.02.25.16:00(KST) Deposit Service :  2020.02.26.


    Greetings, this is GDAC Exchange. 

    GDAC will support the Cosmo Coin (COSM) token swap and its transition to Kakao’s Klaytn (KCT) Mainnet. 

    All GDAC users’ COSM (ERC-20) token will be automatically swapped to COSM (KCT) and no additional action is required from users.   

    Trade of Cosmo Coin (COSM) will not stop, users can continue to trade COSM even during the transition to KCT Mainnet. 



    • Changes to Deposit Wallet 
      1. The deposit wallet will be changed from ERC-20 Cosmo Coin (COSM, ERC-20) wallet to KCT Cosmo Coin (COSM, KCT) wallet.
      2. Cosmo Coin’s (COSM, KCT) deposit wallet needs to be newly created after the transition to KCT Mainnet.  

    Token Swap Support Details: 

    1. Suspension of Deposit and Withdrawal Service : 2020.02.12 16:00 KST (GMT +9)
    2. Resumption of Deposit and Withdrawal Service : Deposit Service 2020.02.26. (Withdrawal Service exact time to be notified later)
    3. Swap Ratio: 1:1


    1. Users cannot deposit COSM (ERC-20) after the token swap period.
    2. Users must complete the withdrawal of COSM (ERC-20) prior to the suspension of deposit and withdrawal service. 
    3. GDAC will not be able to support any transactions of COSM (ERC-20) that occurred after the swap period to COSM (KCT).


    Please take note that GDAC is not liable or responsible for any financial losses occurred during the deposit and withdrawal service suspension period and from withdrawing assets to another cryptocurrency exchange after the token swap.  


    If you have any issues, please contact us via Support. 


    Thank you. 


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