LUNA GROW Introduction

    Greetings, this is blockchain finance platform GDAC. 

    Recently, GDAC launched its second GROW staking service, LUNA GROW, for Terra’s LUNA. Let’s look at the features and strengths of the service in detail. 


    GROW is the world’s first blockchain-based custodian service. GROW users can earn profit everyday by asset delegation. GDAC is currently supporting COSMOS’ ATOM staking, its first GROW service. 


    (!) What is Staking? 

    The general concept of staking is similar to having interest-bearing savings account in a traditional bank. Staking is a service in which users delegate their digital assets for validation node operation and network maintenance, and earn rewards for participating in the network ecosystem. 

    How do I delegate assets on GROW? 


    Enter GDAC ( and click the “GROW” tab - “Intro.” 


    1. “Delegate” assets →  2. Enter amount to delegate → 3. View daily reward  → 4. Trade staked assets 



    Let’s try using LUNA GROW! 


    Click “GROW” - “LUNA” to view the amount of LUNA available for delegation. This is the amount of LUNA you hold in your GDAC’s LUNA wallet.  
    Enter the amount to delegate and click the “Delegate” button.  


    In general, it takes 21 days to unbond staked assets. How long does it take to unbond on GROW? Let’s check! 



    Click the “Undelegate” button to request for undelegation. 


    1. Assets unbonded in 5 minutes! 


    The undelegation request was submitted at 15:55 (KST) and the undelegation completion notification was received at 16:00 (KST). GROW enables users to unbond their assets within 10 minutes, as opposed to other staking services that require 21 days. 


    If your GDAC account is not connected to your mobile phone, undelegation notifications will be sent to your email. 

    1. Trading Staked Assets (LUNA) in LUNAX 


    One of GROW’s unique features is staked assets (LUNAX) trading. Users can trade staked assets without having to unbond them, which means that GROW users can respond to market fluctuations. Staked assets are labeled as “Bonded 00” on GDAC.

    1. Daily KakaoTalk Push Notification for Reward


    If you delegate LUNA, KakaoTalk push notifications for your reward will be sent everyday at 16:00 (KST). You can conveniently check your reward everyday. Depending on the user’s verification status, the notification method (email, SMS, or KakaoTalk) may vary. 


    All GDAC users can easily delegate and earn rewards with GROW. GROW is offering 0% service fee (GROW’s operating fee: 10%). LUNA GROW holds diverse events and provides an annual reward of 10~20%. For those who are interested, experience LUNA GROW via the link below. 


    ☞ Participate in LUNA GROW Event 


    Thank you.

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