LUNA GROW Service Check (Undelegate function)

    Greetings, this is blockchain fintech platform GDAC. 


    LUNA GROW service will be temporarily suspended to perform service maintenance. 

    All the Undelegate Requests currently on hold will be automatically cancelled.
    To minimize disturbances for LUNA holders, 0% Trading Fee for LUNA/KRW and LUNAX/KRW is applied. 

    Please refer to below details for the service.


    [Temporary Suspension]

    • Undelegate Function of LUNA GROW 



    • Inactivation of undelegate function from March 12, 3:00 PM KST
    • Cancel of undelegate requests made from March 11, 4:00 PM KST


    [Maintenance Subject]

    • Overall Function Maintenance including Wallet and Network



    • Trade of LUNA and LUNAX will continue without suspension 
    • Delegate Function of LUNA GROW will continue without suspension 
    • LUNAX (delegated LUNA) rewards will be distributed 
    • 0% Service Fee Event will continue for LUNA GROW
    • Deposit and Withdrawal for LUNA stays open
    • LUNAX/KRW trading pair stays open
    • Service Open Timing will be announced 


    We will continue to provide more safe and secure services. 


    Thank you. 


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