Token Swap (GT to HTN) 20% Bonus Event

    [Update] 2020.04.02 19:20(KST)-----------------------------

    • Swap schedule: 2020.04.08 (Wed), expected


    Greetings, this is blockchain fintech platform GDAC. 

    In celebration of newly listing Heart Number (HTN), GDAC is holding a token swap (GT to HTN) event. 

    All GT tokens swapped upon request will be burned.


    To participate in the event, please register as follows. 

     👉 GDAC Token (GT) →  Heart Number (HTN) token swap  

    • Additional 20% bonus HTN




    Q: Under the assumption that 1 GT = 1 KRW and 1 HTN= 10 KRW, how much HTN do I receive for 100,000 GT?

    A: 10,000 HTN + 2,000 HTN (bonus) = 12,000 HTN


    What is Heart Number (HTN)?

    Heart Number is a mobile application that provides investment strategies based on market prediction and automated trading (buy and sell) service. By holding HTN, users/investors can use unlimited trading services.


    Swap Exchange Rate

    1. GT exchange rate: 1 GT = 0.1178 KRW
      (average market price from 2020.03.18 ~ 2020.03.24 (7 days) at 16:00 KST)  
    2. HTN exchange rate: 1 HTN = 0.478 KRW


    Event Schedule 

    1. Registration period: 2020.03.25 (Wed) 16:00 ~ 2020.03.30 (Mon) 15:40 KST
    2. Listing schedule: 2020.03.31 (Tue) 16:00 KST, expected
    3. Swap schedule: 2020.04.08 (Wed), expected
    4. GT burn schedule: 2020.04.02 (Thu), expected 


    Event Participants 

    GDAC Token (GT) holders  

    • Min. request amount: KRW 30,000 worth of GT (254,669 GT
    • Max. request amount: KRW 100,000 worth of GT (848,896 GT)

    ※ Complete Level 3 (bank account) verification


    How to Register 

    Fill out the registration form to register: 



    1. Only 1 account per person is required to participate in the event. 
      Level 3 verification (including both phone and bank account verification) is required to participate in the event. 
    2. All GT tokens swapped will be burned. 
    3. All GT bid/ask orders need to be cancelled before 2020.03.31 (Tue) 10:00 KST to proceed with the token swap. 
    4. Amount of GT requested via Google Form cannot be cancelled and traded. 
    5. If the amount of GT requested for swap and amount of GT holding are not identical, swap will not be processed.
    6. Swap exchange rate will be calculated with the average market price of GT at 16:00 KST in the last 7 days prior to the event launch date and “1 HTN = KRW.”
    7. For users with the same name, if one or more of the personal information (date of birth, email, mobile phone number, etc.) is identical, it will be considered that the same person has registered for the event twice. Airdrop will be distributed to the first registered account that has reached all conditions.
    8. Even if the registered user name is different, if plausible that the same person has registered; the accounts can be excluded from the event participation.
    9. GDAC reserves all the rights regarding this event. The event can be changed or cancelled due to circumstances.



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