"Clayton" Phishing Careful Guide

Hello, This is Blockchain Fintech Platform GDAC.


A Facebook post was shared under the account name “Klaytn Wallet” that says Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary Ground X is distributing Klaytn (KLAY) for free.


The post states that "The Klaytn network is distributing rewards to Klaytn wallet’s loyal users and 1.3 million KLAY for free to 25 people," and lures people to click on a link to get bonus rewards. By clicking on the link, you are directed to a page to enter your private key. If you enter your private key, the phishing criminal will gain access to your cryptocurrency wallet.



It has been confirmed that the page has not been created by Klaytn. Please do not share your cryptocurrency wallet and private key with anyone or any sites to protect your assets from phishing scams.


We will continue to provide a safe and secure trading environment.

Thank you.