Cosmochain (COSM)’s Official Announcement

    Greetings, this is blockchain financial platform GDAC. 


    We provide the essential information of the digital asset project to all GDAC users and create a healthy investment environment by providing the project team’s official announcement.


    Our listing committee requested the Cosmochain project to provide a statement of its official position and resolution in regards to the series of issues related to CosmoCoin (COSM).


    We will continue to monitor the needs related to COSM. In case of any abnormalities, our committee will conduct a comprehensive review, including designating digital assets with high potential for delisting and immediately undergoing delisting.

     *The release of the attachment is an official announcement of the digital asset project. GDAC does not verify or guarantee to the contents of the disclosure and is not held responsible for the investment results according to the disclosure.


    GDAC will continue to strive to list and manage sound projects, and contribute to the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem.


    Thank you. 



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