7Chain (VII) Listing on KRW Market

    Greetings, this is blockchain fintech platform GDAC. 

    World's 1st RNG-based gaming platform 7Chain (VII) is to be listed on GDAC KRW market. 


    • Listed Market
      • KRW Market

    • Schedule
      • Deposit open: 2020.07.31 (Fri) 14:00 KST 
      • Trading open: 2020.07.31 (Fri) 16:00 KST 
      • Withdrawal open: 2020.08.03 (Mon) 16:00 KST

    • Trading Fee
      • Maker/Taker : 0.1%


    We will continue to provide safe and secure trading services.

    Thank you. 



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