[Listing] KRW Market Klayswap[KSP]

    Greetings, this is blockchain fintech platform GDAC.

    Klayswap(KSP) will be listed on the GDAC KRW market.


    • Listing pair
      • KRW Market

    • Listing schedule
      • Trading Open: January 20, 2021 (Wed) 1:00 PM KST
      • Deposit and withdrawal service schedule will be announced later in a separate notice.

    • Transaction fee
      • Maker/Taker : 0.1%

    • Listing price
      • 3,300 KRW


    Digital asset name


    Digital asset Code


    Digital asset 소개

    KLAYswap, as a trustless on-chain swap protocol, is a service created by all participants (liquidity providers, traders, and community members) and not by a particular operator. With this and the decentralized, trustless philosophy of blockchain in mind, KLAYswap issued the KSP (KLAYswap Protocol) governance token so participants can create KLAYswap’s policies and direction and lead to the gradual, continued development of the service.

    Total issue

    126,114,000 KSP

    Block Explorer


    Official Website



    Twitter: https://twitter.com/KLAYswap

    Medium: https://medium.com/klayswap


    ※ Investment risk information

    Investing in digital assets may fluctuate in the market price, and the responsibility for making investment decisions for digital assets belongs to you.


    Thank you.


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