Compensation of 3 Prizes if KLAY’s held in GDAC

    Greetings, this is blockchain fintech platform GDAC.

    We would like to express our gratitude to users who are using GDAC's Grow service.

    If you have digital assets (Klay) in GDAC for up to 60 days, we will pay special rewards (KLAY, KSP) in full without commission after 60 days.

    Transactions and deposits and withdrawals are freely available even during the 60 days of snapshots for special rewards.



    ✅ Compensation of 3 Prizes if KLAY’s held in GDAC

    Daily Grow KLAY Reward + Special Reward (KLAY + KSP)


    What is Special Reward KSP?

    'KSP (Klay Swap Protocol)' can be rewarded through the mining pool provided by KlaySwap (Klay Decentralized Exchange). The rewarded KSP is used for various governance proposals such as listing, commission, and mining rate changes in KlaySwap.

    KSP(Klay Swap Protocol)

    - Total supply = 126,114,000 KSP

    - Maximum daily circulation = 86,400 KSP

    - Mining period = 2-year cycle

    - Mining quantity lock-up for 60 days after initial mining

    (Quantity in circulation after 60 days = 5,184,000 KSP)


    ✅ To receive special rewards, you must meet the service participation criteria

    1. Klay holding period : 2020.11.11 ~ 2021.01.09

    Holding a large number of Klays for a long period of time increases the number of special rewards Service participation

    • Foreign member : Authentication level 5 or higher (real name authentication)
    • Corporate member : Certification Level 2 (Corporate Certification)

    2. Snapshot : Snapshot is taken at random between 9 am (KST) and 9 am (KST) the next day.


    3. Special reward payment

    • Rewards will be paid on 2021.01.19.

    4. Rewards are paid KLAY and KSP.

    • Payment times may vary. The payment timing and reward payment date may change later



    • At the time of snapshot shooting, rewards will be given only to those who have Klay with ‘minimum amount of 100Klay’ or more.
    • Participate in SKLAY Mining Pool from 2020.11.11 ~ 2021.01.09.
    • In order to participate in the service, Korean level 2 certification / foreign level 5 certification must be completed.
    • You will be paid up to 2 decimal places (rounded from the third digit) of the amount paid.
    • The amount of Special Reward Klay (Klay) and Klay Swap Protocol (KSP) paid can be checked in Transaction History> Deposit and Withdrawal History.
    • If you do not meet the criteria for participation in the special reward service, you will not be able to provide benefits.
    • The amount of special rewards can be maintained or changed on a daily basis.
    • If it is confirmed as abusing by internal standards, it may be excluded from the reward.
    • GDAC reserves all rights to the special reward service, and the service may be canceled or the contents may be changed depending on circumstances.


    [Frequently Asked Questions]

    Q.How do I get special rewards?

     A.You can receive rewards by holding more than 100 Klay in GDAC for the specified Klay retention period.


    Q.What are special rewards paid for?

     A.Special rewards are Klay and Klay Swap Protocol (KSP).


    Q.When is the special reward paid?

     A.Special rewards are available on January 19, 2021 in Transaction History> Deposit and Withdrawal History.


    Q.I didn't get a special reward.

    A.Special rewards are calculated based on the balance at the time of the snapshot. Snapshots are taken randomly between 9 AM and 9 AM the next day.

    Special rewards for taken snapshots are accumulated and paid for 60 days.


    Q.If there is no special reward, you must have at least 100Klay and take a snapshot.

    A.If the conditions are not met, special rewards will be not awarded.


    Q.Do snapshots taken on weekends?

    A.Yes, snapshots took over the weekend.


    Q.Where can I check the special rewards accumulated every day?

    A.Special rewards accumulated every day will be provided for customers to check later.


    Q.During the special reward period, how long will the snapshot be included?

    A.The rewards summed up during the above period will be paid at the time of payment.

    • 2020.11.11 9:00 am ~ 2020.11.12 9:00 am: first snapshot
    • 2020.11.12 9:00 AM ~ 2020.11.13 9:00 AM: Second snapshot.
    • .
    • .
    • 2021.01.09 9:00 AM ~ 2021.01.10 9:00 AM: The sixtieth snapshot

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