Temporary Suspension of Withdrawal/Deposit Service due to Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Hard Fork

    Hello, this is GDAC Exchange.


    Due to the scheduled Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Hard Fork, GDAC will temporarily suspend withdrawal/deposit service.

    Please take note of the below details for service suspension for your optimized service experience.


    1. Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Hard Fork Detail

    • Expected Schedule of Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Hard Fork:
      - 2020. 11. 15(Sunday), 21:00(KST)
    • Detailed Notice on Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Hard Fork: LINK


    2. Temporary Suspension of Withdrawal/Deposit Service of Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

    • Temporary Service Suspension Schedule:
      - 2020. 11. 13(Friday), 15:00 PM (KST) ~ Until the Notice Announcement (after Network Stabilization)
    • During the upgrade of Bitcoin Cash(BCH), withdrawal/deposit of Bitcoin Cash(BCH) will be suspended. Please take note of the schedule for your use of GDAC service.
    • GDAC will open withdrawal/deposit after the confirmation of Bitcoin Cash(BCH) stabilization after the upgrade. 
    • GDAC users can still trade Bitcoin Cash(BCH) even while withdrawal/deposit of Bitcoin Cash(BCH) is suspended.

    3. Information on chain-split

    • If there is a chain split due to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, GDAC does not support airdrop of digital assets of the new chain.
    • If there are any additions or changes to the chain-split of digital asset, it will be updated further in this notice.


    We will continue to provide safe and secure trading services.

    Thank you very much for your support to GDAC.


    Best regards,


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